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Welcome to H-Wiki! (beta)

H-Wiki is a user edited collaboration platform for several scientific disciplines.
H-Wiki is hosted at KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology).
Just login - click the "edit" button on top of each page and contribute your own expertise. Have fun ...

Projects @ Liebel-lab


  • topic: SiRNA siRNA webservers, companies and related information

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Cool Stuff

Tips & Tricks


  • 2011-09-26 addgene integrated
  • 2011-09-16 swissregulon integrated
  • 2011-09-15 pathwaycommons integrated
  • 2011-08-08 GenomeRNAi crosslinks updated.
  • 2011-07-25 Zebrafish mutation database integrated
  • 2011-05-13 pubget paper search integrated

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Experimental portals & categories

  • Category: Scholarships (for post-docs & Master/Diploma students)
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